Alright alright alright, how we doing today everybody? I am here again with another post for my sports and fitness blog, this time doing my first post solely about fitness! Of course being fit can help you in sports, but not everyone who want to live a fit healthy lifestyle want to play sports so this one if you you guys! Now, I don’t like going to the gym. It’s not that I don’t like working out I love that, I just don’t like the social interaction with everyone else at the gym who wants you to know how much more they want to work out than you. That’s why I have all the things I need for working out at home and why I think that it is something everyone should do. I read a long time ago a story about having ‘No Zero Days’ which means that their is no day that you do nothing. It is a good thing to keep in mind for the busy bee type of person.


The idea of “No Zero Days” is that every day you do something. Okay, maybe you aren’t going to the gym because you don’t feel good or something similar. Just make sure you do something and don’t allow yourself to do zero. Even if you do 1 push up, or 1`sit up you have done more than zero. Of course you want to try and do more and push yourself to do more than last time every time, but if you make sure that every single day you at least do something instead of nothing, you will notice changes in yourself. And maybe after some changes you can bring that 1 to a 5, then later to a 10. As long as you have no zero days, it will work.


No More Zero Days